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  Was he a brilliant fraud, or an ordinary soldier from 2036?  

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John Titor's unit insignia Someone using the assumed name of John Titor and claiming to be a soldier on a mission from 2036 presented a considerable amount of information on the Web beginning around November 2000 about his mission and time travel machine, his perspective on our society, how our society is going wrong, and how society as we know it will end in a very short but massive global nuclear war in 2015. He's gone now, back to 2036 he said he was going in his last posting on March 24, 2001, and the threads he left across the Web in his five months with us have been slowly evaporating since then. As time passes and interest in Titor's story grows, new "Titor" material and imposters emerge, and self-styled debunkers may go so far as to claim the story's already been proven a hoax (although so far there's never been any such actual proof offered). There are some good reasons to not believe everything you read, and good reasons to keep your mind open about Mr. Titor's story are more and more often appearing in the daily news. Russia is sabre-rattling again in response to perceived American aggressions; tens of thousands of nuclear weapons still stand ready to launch on warning; police powers, illegal detentions, and concentration camps are growing like a cancer on the Constitution. Even the mad cow disease epidemic he predicted has already begun rearing its ugly head in America as well as around the world. Mr. Titor's words sound more prophetic every day.

Sure, sure, a time traveler. Why should anyone believe such a cockamamie story? The answer is you shouldn't, at least not yet. Keep a healthy skepticism. But keep an open mind too because there is a strong thread of internal consistency throughout Mr. Titor's story, there is supporting evidence in the form of some fairly detailed photographic documentation and good physical theory about his time travel machine, its design and theory of operation apparently originated with Titor, and most important of all Mr. Titor made a very specific prediction about the near future that should soon prove him to be either a fraud or not: America will soon be engaged in civil war with itself; a civil war that we'll see the beginnings of during 2004 and 2005, escalating until it is indisputable by 2008 ("a general date by which time everyone will realize the world they thought they were living in was over") and "will consume everyone in the US by 2012" (no vague Nostradamus ramblings or Bible-baloney in this stark prediction). Such a scenario seemed sufficiently preposterous at the time this site came online (begun May 2003) that if it does come true, a reasonable person ought to consider that Mr. Titor was probably a genuine time traveler, and that the rest of his story is probably true too.

One purpose of this website has been to document Mr. Titor's prediction about civil war in America well in advance (beginning in May 2003) so that after 2004 or 2005 if there actually have been a series of armed conflicts between the U.S. government and its citizens, escalating as Mr. Titor described ("a Waco type event every month that steadily gets worse"), there won't be any question for new visitors or even previous visitors with less than perfect memories that this specific prediction was not fabricated after the fact. Formally copyrighted evidence has been created and presented here before 2004 as proof of that prediction. In the light of that evidence nobody can legitimately claim it was all made up afterward; the sole purpose of copyrighting that document was to nip that potential distraction in the bud. We don't know yet if Mr. Titor was a fraud or telling the truth, but we ought to be pretty sure one way or the other sometime in 2005 and have absolute certainty by 2008 at the very latest. If it turns out he was telling the truth, we'll know to get ready for 2015. That would give us a few more years of regular meals and clean sheets and showers and medical care and clean air and water to enjoy, before we blast all those things away in a horrific day of "megadeath for the kiddies" as Dr. M. Goldman has so eloquently put it. Billions of people will die rather horrible deaths if John Titor was telling us the truth, and any of us could be among them.

Another purpose of this website is to capture, analyze, and organize the information about John Titor still available, in one place for ease of reference. If he's a fraud this will have been a waste of time, but if he proves to be real then the knowledge he left may save many lives if people heed his warnings and plan appropriately (get well away from cities and from other nuclear targets by 2015, and be prepared). Escaping initial blast and fire effects would give you a fighting chance to live through the subsequent radioactive fallout, famines, and disease epidemics at least, and there is just the barest outside chance that by having a foreknowledge of events, we could change our own future and avoid a catastrophic nuclear end to today's civilization. By 2036 he says, society and a new government have begun to recover in America, but the destruction and residual radiation are still having major detrimental effects. We are regarded as the generation "that had it all, but threw it away". Although Mr. Titor said we had the power to change our future because the multi-worlds theory is true, he also said we probably won't. At first he seemed to feel that people of our time are so wrapped up in themselves and their petty concerns over status and material possessions that we just don't have the attention span to care about the future, but as time went by he began to realize more and more that there actually are plenty of people alive now who care about the kind of world they'll be leaving to their children. I never communicated personally with John Titor, but I am one of those people, and I do not want the future he described to become ours. Another purpose of this website is therefore to attempt to change our worldline for the better, especially if Titor turns out to have been genuine. But even if he was a fraud, I still don't want to see my country turn into a police state, and I am determined to be a part of preventing that from happening.

In a world so full of scammers, the odds are John Titor was a fraud playing mind games, and there are certainly plenty of frauds on the Internet. In this case I'm holding on to cautious skepticism while retaining an open mind to a story that seems so internally consistent and offers several indicators of genuineness, including a specific and dramatic prediction of civil war very soon as proof. He pushed no agenda, had nothing to sell, and apparently wasn't concerned if people believed what he said because he didn't expect to be believed in the first place. In the post below he said his motive was "For most of my adult life, I have read about, wondered and debated about this time. I value this opportunity to share experiences".

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John Titor

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My Motive:

I've been in your time a bit longer than I had expected. My next opportunity to go home comes in the spring. For most of my adult life, I have read about, wondered and debated about this time. I value this opportunity to share experiences. If you absolutely believed I was a time traveler, with no skepticism whatsoever, then we would be unable to communicate. The focus of our attention would then always be on the machine. The experiences, opinions and reasons you do things are just as valid as mine and just as different. I hope to return home with a better understanding of why you think and believe the way you do. Although I do understand the reasons for asking, I won't gain from any communication with you by spouting physics formulas and pop culture predictions. Please do not assume I am purposely avoiding questions. I am human, I get tired, and I forget things. Please, just remind me if I missed a question and I will get to it.

I think that if I was a time traveler from a postnuclear 2036, I too would have a certain interest in learning about the culture that brought on the worst mass destruction and lingering misery in my history. Mr. Titor was clearly interested in people's reactions to what he had to say, and he did say some very interesting things about the direction our country is going, in particular its transformation into a police state and how that sets the stage for civil war. If he was a fraud he went to a fair amount of trouble to build a model of his time machine. Some of the pages from the purported technical manual for the unit are very technical and would be very time consuming to construct. Most difficult for a scammer to create (one would think) would be a plausible theory and fairly detailed schematics describing how his time machine works. [ Apparently Mr. Titor's government-issue "Time Distortion Gravity Displacement Unit" uses two spinning and charged microsingularities (mini black holes) massing around 200 pounds each to distort gravity around them; by distorting gravity the singularities also distort time, and time can then be moved through. It's a plausible theory, it's consistent with current black hole theory, and the timing of development he describes is reasonably consistent with the expected development of mini black holes when the Large Hadron Collider at CERN comes online in 2007. If John Titor is a fraud, he is one very smart fraud. ]

Still a healthy skepticism is in order until the proof is offered in 2004 or 2005 (or if you're really a hardcore skeptic, wait until 2008) as to whether or not civil war in America has become a reality, a prediction that seemed totally preposterous in 2000 when John first began discussing it, and only slightly less preposterous by 2003. Civil war in America? Get real! But things do seem to be becoming more and more uneasy in this country, so who knows? Either way it goes, whether John Titor was genuine or a fraud, we'll know the truth soon enough. If it turns out he was genuine you can use that knowledge to save your ass and maybe, just maybe, society's collective ass too.

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