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I saw a great story on the teevee tonight (thank you UPN Channel 13 Los Angeles), a Twilight Zone episode rerun on 6/24/03, titled Chosen. It is reviewed here because it tells a story of skepticism in the very context of nuclear annhilation that John Titor predicted. If you don't mind my giving away the ending a little bit, you don't want to wind up like Vince, the overly skeptical protagonist.

Review of Chosen     (Twilight Zone episode first aired November 6, 2002)
Written by Ira Steven Behr
Directed by Winrich Kolbe
Cast: Jake Busey (Vince Hanson); Nick Turturro (Speed); Claudette Mink (Lea); Kim Hawthorne (Muriel); Andrew Moxham (Michael); Brad Sihvon (Doyle); Ken Tremblett (Pitch Man); Mi-Jung Lee (Newscaster)

Our anti-hero is an unemployed loser named Vince Hanson who is fast running out of friends. The show starts off with Vince having to deal with creditors on the telephone, setting an edgy tone of frustration and distraction from what's going on in the world around him. Two people named Michael and Muriel come to his door, Vince thinks they're religious nuts but they're all smiles and tell him he's "chosen". Vince is obnoxious and tells them to leave, they give him a CD to watch before leaving. It's customized with his name on it, and it contains another message that he's 'chosen'. Not a lot of detail is provided though.
Vince is skeptical and worried when he sees the same black-clad couple going around his neighborhood. His buddy Steve mentions he met them too. Vince sees them go with Steve into his house and they all vanish in a bright light.


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