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The Police State Is Here

The Civil War Has Begun

Concentration Camps Are Already Here!

Actually the concentration camps are already here just still very low-key, like the civil conflicts. Maybe you didn't know about them yet? See how these kinds of things can creep up on you, quiet as a snake? You'd expect to not hear about them on Fox News, but why is almost the entire mainstream media silent about the concentration camps? Many Germans didn't even learn about the horrors of Hitler's 'work' camps until their national nightmare ended. Hitler had a lot of them believing he was just protecting them from terrorists, and he had a lot of support for a long time. He pandered to bigotries, he whipped up people's fears, he invaded foreign countries on flimsy pretenses, and he lied about his real agendas to his countrymen and to the world. Sound familiar?


UPDATE 7.17.07: in Bush's latest executive order he apparently gives himself the power to seize the property of anyone who "threatens" or "undermines" his plans for Iraq, or who supports those who do. The cunningly-worded order is just vague enough that is open to wide interpretation but it appears that anyone who supports or any of the pro-peace presidential candidates could be caught up in this net and have their property confiscated ("blocked" they euphemistically call it).


How To Recognize A Young Police State / Dictatorship


The Police State Knows Where You Are

If you look at this little application closely (use the + button in lower right corner) you'll see it can zero in on your location with pretty good accuracy, even though much better accuracy is possible with the Google maps that this application is derived from. It seems a certainty the AFE would have at least equal and most likely far better imaging and tracking to go along with geolocating the IP address you're using right now. Considering the NSA spying scandal proves they've been spying on us and nobody in charge of enforcing the laws is doing anything to stop them, we know it's still going on. It was even recently learned that they're intercepting people's emails with the cooperation of AT&T and other providers; just think what they can do with the information they must have on you that we haven't heard much about yet. It's likely they have access to your every bank and credit account and maybe even your medical records in some cases by now. For sure we know if someone in the NSA takes a shine to you, they can quickly and easily violate everything you consider private and they can also track you pretty well too. This little app from Frappr isn't dangerous though, nobody can track you with it so please use it to tell us why you're interested in Titor. You can add your own graphic to express yourself, too. Try it, it's easy and fun to join the worldwide discussion about John Titor! (note: all the controls on this map appear to require double-clicking).

What Kind of Titorite Are You?
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Police State Tactics are becoming more and more common

But you'll still never see them reported in the mainstream media, like this example:


They're here and operational: advanced military "non-lethal" weapons

John Titor indicated to us that high-tech weapons like this mobile mass torture device (it makes you feel like you're being deep-fried apparently) would eventually be used on Americans. There are probably many other kinds of sadistic weapons in development or even deployed that we don't know about yet. It's almost comical that this news has to come to us from the BBC, like me you probably haven't heard about it from the American news media, have you? God save the Queen, bless you Brits for not being bought and sold like the American media.   read the full article

Military "non-lethal" weapons like John Titor described would eventually be used on Americans


Keith Olbermann could almost be speaking for John Titor (2006)
View this if you still have any doubts Titor was right


If you're new to John Titor's story, you might like to read the original homepage for this site, written before sufficient evidence for Titor's credibility was clear. Healthy skepticism is a smart thing, but when proof is sufficient, continuing skepticism is plain stupid. There can no longer be any real doubt that Titor knew what our probable future held in store for us, because the American police state he described during five months in 2000 and 2001, which seemed so absurd at the time, is now nearly full upon us. So nobody can say he didn't warn us, and warn us accurately. Consequently it's worth giving serious consideration to the rest of what Titor said in the light of his credibility standing the test of time. Questions remain, and will remain, but there is much of value in the guidance Titor provided, at least for those with eyes that see how its truth has been and is being proven by current events.

If the rest of Titor's story is similarly accurate, it would seem that our near future will be pretty bleak. It is important to not give up hope however, because Titor said we could change our timeline if we wanted to badly enough. Ask yourself, how badly would you like to not see your country turn into a police state, not fall into civil war, and above all not go through a nuclear war? If you care enough about any of these things, you might be the one that tips the timeline into taking a better course. Actually in my opinion the timeline has already been changed, although not necessarily for the better; more on that below. First it's important to clear up some misconceptions and understand what's really going on.

" Where's the civil war? " some continuing skeptics and right-wingers will still ask. One especially confused fellow was convinced Titor had to be a hoaxer because the South hadn't risen again. Preconceptions about what civil war must look like in its earliest stages seem to be a stumbling block for some people. It's important to keep in mind Titor's perspective on it. His young self in 2017 is only 19 years old and hasn't seen it all happen yet. His adult self would know the story from his whole history and relate it to us in terms which he had to come to understand more fully later, he wasn't simply telling us about the events he remembered from today's daily news at a tender age. Do you remember from personal experience the major world events that were going on when you were 19 years old? Not very likely. So when Titor was asked when civil strife would begin, he had to have been drawing more from the knowledge of his history rather than from his experiences as a young child. He at first said things would start going bad in 2004 but afterward indicated he meant 2005 instead (a topic for great debate among a few hairsplitters). But think about it: he didn't say that civil war would spring up full-blown overnight in some kind of mass uprising, instead he said it would grow over time until it would be indisputable by 2008, which would indicate that civil war ought to be going on at something less than indisputable levels before that time. Therefore his reference to its origin around 2004-2005 would be about the very beginnings of the struggle, with overt civil strife perhaps arising a little later or maybe being present but almost unrecognizable in its early stages, and increasing as time went by. The initial events leading to civil war do not necessarily have to be about armed conflict either. Titor might, for example, have known that the 2004 election would be stolen but also thought about it afterward and realized that the theft would not become known immediately, and reasoned that the chain of events resulting from it and leading to civil war would not begin to unfold until 2005. Or maybe he believed the seminal precipitating event was the NSA spy scandal which was revealed to the public in December 2005 but which had been censored by the New York Times for a year. So what should you count, the date something first started, the date the news media first learned of it but censored it, or the date it finally was reported to the public? My feeling is that it's best to not get caught up in hairsplitting and look at the big picture: do you see a police state forming yet, or not? Do you see any opposition to it, or not? Do you see any attacks coming from the government upon individual people and upon our Constitution, or not? Well if you've been awake and paying attention at all in the last few years and you are not suffering the mental delusion of denial, the answers to these questions now undeniably support the conclusion that Titor was right about the police state and civil war, even if they are not yet taking place at the level of mayhem that say, the residents of Baghdad experience daily. Keep in mind that there may also have been other significant events in 2005 that never made the news (see below) which may only become known later if at all; Titor did not provide any specific event like a Boston Tea Party as a discrete marker for the beginning of the rebellion. We may have to wait for our own history to inform us of the catalyzing event for the civil war, but there is one thing clear now:

The civil war has already begun in ways largely hidden or unrecognized. No, there are not yet armed militias fighting prolonged pitched battles against government troops on American soil. And we haven't seen reruns of Waco or Ruby Ridge, at least not yet. Instead, civil conflict is going on disguised under false pretenses, often low-key and primarily still one-sided by the government against the American people as the Bush administration consolidates power and undermines our Constitution, builds domestic concentration camps so they'll be fully prepared for the conflicts they themselves must be expecting (or they wouldn't feel a need to build them, would they?), institutionalizes depravities like preemptive war and torture, and destroys the integrity of our country and the longstanding goodwill toward Americans that previously existed worldwide. These are direct assaults on our freedoms and values, and they are more than just culture wars, we are slowly having a noose put around our necks while most Americans are still blithely going about their daily lives as if nothing is wrong and the most important thing they need to be concerned about is keeping up with the Joneses, exactly as Titor characterized our culture of materialism. The perpetrators of the attacks upon our freedoms have to know full well what they are doing (they know exactly what lies to tell to manipulate the public) and they are aided by the mainstream mass media which for the most part either blithely repeats the official propaganda lines (as Fox News is famous for) or else like the New York Times and Los Angeles Times are actively complicit in concealing news from the public. For example, the day after the 2004 presidential election, I caught part of a television newscast that apparently slipped through the censor's net. It was a short report without any video footage about a riot where an angry mob had trashed a Republican Party headquarters. I missed the city the riot was in so the next day and for several days afterward I went to look for the full story in the Los Angeles Times and on the Web but it was completely absent, successfully covered up as if it had never happened. I'll bet you never heard a peep about it either. Well I know I heard it, there is no question I heard it, but the story vanished completely. The mass media has become a bunch of propagandists posing as journalists, and they blacked it out, just like they failed to cover the massive protests in Washington D.C. last Inauguration Day, covered up the illegal NSA spying on Americans, and are still sitting on important news about some of the police state tactics described below. If they can keep that information out of the public eye, there can also be a fair amount of civil unrest going on from time to time without us knowing about it yet. By the time it becomes so indisputably obvious and undeniable as to be common knowledge, it will probably have been going on for a long time.

But was John Titor a real time traveler? It may take until 2008 to convince the very last person, and some possible alternatives may never be eliminated (some might consider that Titor was a gifted clairvoyant who had his own reasons for wanting us to believe he was from 2036, but I don't ascribe to that view). However, Titor delivered a workable time machine design with good theory and even a few schematics, based on such sound physics that I'm told some professional physicists privately think it might actually work. Just think: if Steven Hawking had come up with this design, few would doubt the likelihood of it eventually working when we've learned to create and control microsingularities. The design has never been debunked on the basis of any physical principles and it may well work. Since Titor's prediction of a police state is also coming true before our eyes, the preponderance of the evidence strongly favors Titor's credibility and a rational person must conclude on the basis of the evidence that Titor is far more likely to have been genuine than a fraud. Therefore these factors merit serious consideration about the course of our probable future:


Flagrant Police State Tactics


Voices For Freedom and Liberty

The People Have Spoken NO CONFIDENCE IN BUSH
How this affects our timeline

The November 7th 2006 election removing the Republicans from complete control of government remedied the lack of Executive Branch oversight that had been enabling the Bush administration to run amok. From now on there will be serious questions and subpeonas demanding accountability from the Executive Branch, and this changes things greatly. It suggests to me a chance to avoid the fate of Titor's timeline by changing our own, opening a potential pathway to choose peace over war; decency over torture; and civil liberties over a police state. While Titor thought it would be very unlikely that we would change anything, I see reason to believe he may have already altered our timeline from his own, moving those necessary changes in the direction they needed to go through the force of his meme filtering through all levels of society, making change far more likely than if everyone had just swallowed the Bush propaganda line uncritically in the heat of fear and war. There are literally millions of people who have become aware of Titor's message and were therefore forewarned, making it easier to see the truth behind the propaganda. We're by no means out of the woods though, until Bush is impeached or otherwise gone from power he has the ability to stage another 'terrorist' attack (most likely in Europe, with a nuke or dirty bomb) to justify imposing martial law. It would have to be something pretty big, another monstrous attack at least or Americans will revolt and the armed conflict portion of the American civil war Titor described will begin in earnest. If Bush refrains from declaring martial law however, we may yet avoid those catastrophes Titor described.

On that topic of martial law, there is an essential ingredient required for it to be accepted: it must follow the law, or appear to. Over many years a great number of 'executive orders' have accumulated which give the President powers during times of emergency that he doesn't normally have. The legality of these executive orders has never been tested (if I am wrong about that someone please correct me) but they have the effect of being laws as long as they go unchallenged. If George Bush decides to declare martial law tomorrow he must have all his ducks in a row so that any challenges can be deflected or put down, which he can do if he has the support of law enforcement. Since a declaration of martial law will be a federal and not a state issue, it will fall into the jurisdiction of federal judges and prosecutors. After the 2000 election fiasco where the Florida recount was stopped by the federal Supreme Court, and subsequent packing of that court with right-wing zealots, the judiciary will probably allow Bush to do anything he wants to do. And if there are no objections by federal prosecutors to Bush trampling the Constitution, they will bring no cases into court and their authority will overshadow and deflect any objections from the states. It will be left to individuals and private organizations to press any such cases in court and their cases will be made to drag on for years by the corrupt American justice system which can essentially steamroller them in slow motion. This is the real reason for the firing of the eight federal prosecutors in my opinion, to get rid of those not deemed loyal enough to the Administration. They were tested and found not sufficiently loyal by not doing the partisan actions requested of them. The real story should be focusing on what the rest of the federal prosecutors did to pass their loyalty tests, but the story has been successfully spun into a distraction over who made the final decisions. It seems obvious we'll never find the full truth about that either, some sacrificial lamb will be presented as violating some technicality (Monica Goodling looks like a candidate) and the real "Deciders", of course everyone knows now who they are, will dodge the light of truth again. But maybe not. And maybe some reporter with integrity, if there are any left in America, will investigate and find out what some of the "loyal" prosecutors did for Bush and the Republican Party to keep their jobs.


The April 28 kickoff to Impeachment Summer was a success around the country! Let's do it again!



So far Dennis Kucinich, who on 4.25.07 submitted articles of impeachment, is the only Democratic legislator who seems to have any balls! What have they all been so afraid of?

It's a shame Kucinich didn't get taken seriously during the electoral warmup, he has good ideas which if aired and debated could help us have the vitally important national discussion we need to change our worldline. It doesn't matter so much who actually wins the election in 2008 or not, what's important is that we need to have today the national discussion about the direction our country should take! Here is Kucinich's mission statement, a direction that is precisely what America needs to turn things around if we are to avoid the rest of the disasters Titor predicted, because this is exactly what did NOT happen in Titor's worldline. I wish all of our country's politicians were so courageous and competent as this man:

I want to inspire America to take a new path, a different direction.

I envision an America which has the capacity to reconnect with the heart of the world; an America which proceeds in the world optimistically and courageously. An America which understands that the world is interdependent, that it is inter-connected, and that what we do today impacts future generations.

I want to break the shackles of fear which have deprived our citizens of rights. We need to change the way this country values humanity, so that instead of fear and lies, we can live our lives based on principles of peace and hope. We need to regain the trust of the American people and we need to have a government which trusts the American people.

It's time for America to resume its glorious journey; time to reject shrinking jobs and wages, disappearing savings and rights; time to reject the detour towards fear and greed. It's time to look out upon the world for friends, not enemies; time to counter the control of corporations over our politics, our economy, our resources, and mass media.

It's time for those who have much to help those who have little, by maintaining a progressive tax structure. It's time to tell the world that we wish to be their partner in peace, not their leader in war. Most of all, it is time for America to again be the land where dreams come true, because the government is on the side of its people.

Dennis J. Kucinich


Keith Olbermann is fantastic. This is his summary of the direction Bush has taken our country and plea to change course. Delivered on Sept. 11 2006 to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the attacks -- which many now think Bush was involved in, although Keith doesn't go into that aspect.

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