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Copyright Proof of Significant John Titor Predictions Today is November 18, 2017
Version 1.0 © May 19, 2003 by Karl Simanonok


PURPOSE: This document outlines five of the more significant predictions made by a person calling himself John Titor who claimed to be a military time traveler from 2036. ("Titor" is believed to be shorthand for Time Traveler and not his real last name). These predictions are compiled here and formally copyrighted as proof of their existence at this time so that they may be used to either give credence to, or invalidate, predictions 1 through 4 based on whether or not prediction 5 (civil war in America) comes true.


  1. Primary interest and concern surrounds Mr. Titor's prediction of a global nuclear war in 2015 that will destroy most of the major cities in the United States and many around the world, kill a large fraction of the world's population, and leave the environment contaminated with massive amounts of long-lived radionuclides. By 2036 when civilization has begun to regroup, we of today will be known as the generation that had it all, but threw it away.

  2. Microsingularities (mini black holes) will be created soon at a particle collider, and physicists will eventually learn how to build time machines using two of them at a time. It is already expected by some physicists that particle energies will be high enough to create microsingularities at CERN's Large Hadron Collider when it begins operation in 2007, but Mr. Titor did not say exactly where and when they would be discovered. The Titor-specific part of this prediction is that microsingularities can and will be used to build time-travel machines.

  3. The multiple-worlds theory is true, and there somehow exists an infinity of universes where somewhere each choice possible gets actualized, as new "worldlines" constantly spin off from one another. Similar wordlines may be thought of as alternate realities in which details may vary slightly if one is not too far from another, but some worldlines may diverge drastically apart. Apparently as Mr. Titor's time machine operates it navigates through these alternate realities, and time travelers try to stay as close to possible to their original worldline, the success of their efforts being measured in percent divergence from their original worldline. We are just a few percent divergence away from Mr. Titor's original worldline, he says. According to Mr. Titor, while he believes we are headed for and will experience the same major disasters he knows from his history, we still have the power to alter our reality as we choose: we do have free will. Because there are an infinity of universes where all different choices are played out anyway, it therefore wouldn't harm anything if we did take steps to intelligently modify our future, and that is also why Mr. Titor felt he could do no harm by slightly modifying this reality by revealing himself here. He mentioned some small divergences he's noticed, such as books not written and sports events won by other teams, which he says is normal for divergence of a few percent, and that some divergence is inevitable (he can never return to the exact same worldline he left in 2036, but he can come very close).

  4. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) will be epidemic by 2036 and it is spread by eating the meat of animals infected with related diseases such as BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy, better known as Mad Cow Disease). CJD is a horrible and fatal brain-deteriorating disease for which there is no treatment or cure, presently believed to be caused by a prion (an abnormal isoform of a host-encoded protein, with no RNA or DNA). Mr. Titor expressed astonishment that people are so careless about the food they routinely ingest; apparently CJD has a latent period of 10 to 30 years, which means (if Mr. Titor was not a fraud) that many people are probably unwittingly contracting the disease today who will become victims of the CJD epidemic. We're ignorant meat eaters.

  5. Civil war in the United States will begin in 2004 or 2005, as the result of increasingly oppressive police state tactics like warrantless searches and other violations of American civil liberties. It will become common for people to have their doors kicked in and homes violently invaded by police looking for evildoers. The Gestapo-style oppression of innocents by an increasingly oppressive and murderous government will be worst in the cities, so many people will seek refuge in the countryside, but police will soon enough seek them out there too. Civil war will emerge as a more or less continuous series of military sieges and confrontations resembling the Ruby Ridge and Waco police massacres of 1992 and 1993, and it will begin by 2004 or perhaps 2005 (it might not be obvious in the beginning what's actually happening). As time goes on the civil war will become more and more a continuous conflict between paranoid government forces headquartered in the cities, against perceived or imagined threats in the rural civilian population. The American government will wage war against its own citizens, winning most of the battles, but the battling will drag on for years. In the nuclear war of 2015 our cities will be primary targets, so the civil war will end then in favor of the rurals when the government and its domestic armies are destroyed. In this way the nuclear war will be regarded by the survivors as a good thing.

SIGNIFICANCE: At the time of John Titor's telling of his story via the Web and IRC (internet relay chat) in 2000 and 2001, and even by the time of this document's copyright in 2003, the prospect of civil war in America seems an outlandish prediction. Surely it is so farfetched that only a genuine time traveler or very good fortune teller could forsee it at this time. If a civil war in America does validate prediction 5, a reasonable person ought to consider that Mr. Titor was not a fraud and that nuclear war is very likely to occur in 2015. In that case it will remain possible (though still not probable) to prevent nuclear war, but only if we are able to face the evidence and respond appropriately so that things can be turned around from their present course. It's remotely possible that the hard cold proof provided by this document may sufficiently alter our worldline to prevent nuclear calamity, but it's more likely that only a modest number of individuals will take heed of an early warning even in the face of its validation. Denial can allow people to believe in whatever they want to believe in, and people who do not become aware of John Titor's story until after civil war has begun may quite rationally tend to disbelieve that this information existed much sooner and not fabricated after the fact, unless they have some proof of it. The purpose of these predictions being copyrighted is to therefore provide one way to irrefutably prove that they did exist before the predicted civil war in America: anyone can go to the Copyright Office and see for themselves.

Prediction 3 about multiple worlds is important to us for two reasons: first that we need not be concerned about trying to prevent calamity if we can (there would be no harm in changing our worldline for the better), and secondly that some of the details about what Mr. Titor has said could be off slightly because of divergence between his worldline and our own. For example it might be that nuclear war on our worldline won't occur until 2016 even though Mr. Titor was quite exact about 2015. Or let's say if divergence between worldlines delayed the predicted 2004-2005 civil war until 2006 or 2007 we would certainly have to question the accuracy of the 2015 date, and some might question if any of Mr. Titor's information could be genuine if civil war is delayed a year or two on our worldline. But he said it will grow gradually and won't totally affect everbody until 2008, so maybe it will take that long to convince some that the situation has grown irreversibly horrible. But we can expect to see things happening soon that fit the criteria of civil war if you consider one siege or another like Waco going on pretty frequently, that's what he said, and that it will only get worse and worse until it is completely indisputable to everyone by 2008. By then the conflict supposedly grows into a real war, and afterward it continues mercilessly until 2015. I think it is important to analyze Mr. Titor's information more in terms of significant trends and events rather than splitting hairs over minutae as we evaluate what Mr. Titor had to say to us because it's the big things that really matter and divergence would be expected to change the timing or other characteristics of small things, but is less likely to affect big things. It's the big things we care about anyway.

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